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Celebrate with 24/7 on Tobacco-Free Spirit Day

On February 13, 2019, schools and school divisions across Virginia will celebrate their comprehensive tobacco-free policies as part of the statewide 24/7 Tobacco-Free Spirit Day. This spirit day is an opportunity for schools to showcase their commitment to creating a 100% tobacco and e-cigarette-free school environment and earn a little positive publicity while they’re at it.

The day will feature fun activities for your school and ways for staff, students, and visitors to get involved.

Applications are now open for 2019.

The 24/7 Tobacco-Free Spirit Day is open to all schools and divisions with a 100% comprehensive tobacco and e-cigarette-free policy.

Click here to see if your division qualifies.

Participating in this day of celebration will showcase your school division’s commitment to creating a 100% tobacco and e-cigarette-free school environment and help communicate your school’s comprehensive tobacco and e-cigarette-free policy to your community, increasing student, staff, and visitor compliance.

Participating schools and divisions will receive a free “Event-In-A-Box” kit containing everything they need to participate, including:

  • 24/7 Tobacco-Free Spirit Activities Guide
  • Lots of 24/7 gear to hand out
  • A lunchroom activity to engage your student body
  • A chance to earn $247 for your school

If your school or division plans to participate in the 24/7 Tobacco-Free Spirit Day, please fill out the interest form on the right. Limited space and supplies are available. Priority will be given to applications received by December 14, 2018.

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